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Sabrina's Bio:

Born & raised in Baltimore, MD. into a "Karate Family" Sabrina was engulfed in the Martial Arts World from birth. Even before she was able to walk her parents had her rolling up & down the mats of her fathers local karate school and soon after traveling throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region as a sort of Mascot/Flag Bearer for their gyms M.M.A., Grappling & Sport Karate Teams (Team Blitz). Surrounded by Black Belts and Champions both in & out of her home there was little to no surprise when Sabrina took an early interest in training and wanting to compete in tournaments herself....

 My Life Goals & Commitments:

Win Sport Karate World Title in Multiple Organizations

   ex. (NASKA - NBL - ISKA - WKC - WKF - USKA - Etc...) 

Become an I.K.F. World Classics Champion

   (American Kickboxing &/or International Rules) 

Be Cast in a few TV/Commercial Roles

   (Through Kid's Casting - Extras on Call - Etc...)

Get Elected High School Class President

   (Class of 2025)

Be Crowned National American Miss &/or Miss. MD. Teen U.S.A.

Earn a 'Science Degree' from Johns Hopkins or Maryland 

(Space Science: Astronomy/Astrophysics or Geoscience: Oceanography)?

 Go to Work for a Science Organization like N.A.S.A. or N.O.A.A.

• Get Married, Buy a House & Have a Family

Teach Martial Arts & Pageant Prep to Women & Kids Part Time

Publish My Own Written & Illustrated Story Books

Other Skills & Talents:

C.A.P. Cadet (Color Guard)

Violin (Travel Celtic Club)

A.S.L. (Sign Language)

French (2nd Year)

Web Design


My Interests & Hobbies:

Space Science

Acting / Modeling



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